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For every story there is often a silver lining. In this case it is the business partners of Golden Crown Productions LLC , Don Harbour and Gregg Hassler, and the organization they have formed to fundraise and give back to local charities and residents of the Inland Empire.

Part of the mission of Golden Crown Productions LLC. is to entertain by bringing top notch entertainment to the Valley for intimate and unforgettable concert experiences. The difference between them and other production companies is that Golden Crown work to give back. For example, involvement with one local charity the Unforgettables Foundation Recently they figured out a way to bring both the thrill of live music and mix it with philanthropy for a match that makes a difference to the families who need help the most.

The Unforgettables Foundation is an organization that has served families in Southern California. They come in and help families at the worst time, when parents lose a child. Aside from the devastation, there also is the unforeseen burden of affording a dignified and respectful burial for their beloved child. The Unforgettables Foundation provides financial assistance to those families with limited resources to offset the costs of the financial arrangements. Tim Evans and many friends of the Inland Empire created the Unforgettables Foundation. This foundation is operated almost entirely by volunteers. They have worked together with Golden Crown for over 12 years

This is where Golden Crown Productions comes in. They coordinate concerts and events, and turn them into fundraising opportunities for many charities that would never have this opportunity When they found out about this organization years ago they were deeply touched by the knowledge that tragedy does sometimes strike families with children and often those families are not ready financially. One of Golden Crown's main objectives was to start a company were a percentage of the proceeds went to a non-profit organization that truly needed it.

At some concerts they have raised over $20 thousand dollars, but over the course or many shows they have raised in excess of half a million dollars for local charities ! They have brought many different national artists to the valley including Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Blues Traveler, The Gin Blossoms, Kris Kristofferson ,The English Beat, Joan Jett ,Berlin , Los Lobos,and many more , Golden Crown and Wine Country Music Awards will raise money for local music education charity because "Music is Life".